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Online Review and Reputation Management

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With 91% of Customers Reading Online Reviews About Local Businesses, Proper Review Management Has Never Been More Important 1

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Growing Your Business with 5-Star Reviews

Reviews On Autopilot

We send email and text messages so your customers can easily review your company.

Review Reminders

If your clients don't leave a review we'll prompt them with a friendly reminder.

Stop Negative Reviews

We stop negative reviews before they happen while you gain valuable customer feedback.

Email Signature Ask

Right from your email signature, we'll entice your customers to leave new reviews.

Auto Display

We'll setup your WordPress website to automatically showcase your top reviews from all your review sites.

Auto Sharing

We automatically post your 5-star reviews on your Facebook & Twitter feeds.

Live Monitoring

You get alerted when clients leave reviews so you can read and respond to them with a click.

Monthly Reporting

We provide monthly reports so you can track how your business is performing.

How Does It Work?

85% of consumers think that online reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant 1

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Recent, Fresh Reviews are Critical to Showcasing Your Expertise

(stale reviews repel potential sales)

40% of consumers only care about reviews submitted within the last two weeks (up from 18% in 2017) 1
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Start Improving Your Reputation Today

We'll Show You How Your Business Ranks on the Major Review Platforms
we deliver measurable results

Case Studies Showcasing Real Life Results

Case Study: Horn Pest Management

25 New Leads (and Customers) in 3rd Month
Case Study Details
25 New Leads (and paying clients) in 3rd Month
Ideas You Can Use:
It's cool to see that Yelp is not just for restaurants
"Before our ratings online where non-existent. Now We have 4 to 5 stars everywhere. I'm so glad we did this"
"We called because of the great reviews we saw on Yelp"
"The investment we paid for itself easily twice over within the first three months"

Case Study: Oschmann Drug Screening

From 3.2 to 4.4 Avg Star Rating
Case Study Details
39 New Reviews
Reviews prior to starting, average of 3.2 stars
ReviewPlan results achieved yielding

Case Study: Reproductions Inc.

16 reviews in 24 hours, 64 in the first month!
Case Study Details
16 5-star reviews in 24 hours
64 5-star reviews in the first month
In business for 73 years and only had 41 3 months they reached 176 in total!
reproductions reviews starting at 4.6 stars
4.6 stars avg rating before
4.9 average star rating after

Case Study: Madaras Gallery

68 reviews in the first month!
Case Study Details
68 5-star reviews in the first month
This business already had a decent review rating and lots of reviews, but the owner was tired of asking her staff to constantly ask for reviews. She was able to get more reviews this way, without having to worry about it. Also, the reviews she had were from last year so she knew she needed more recent ones for it to be effective.
Madaras before image with reviews
4.7 average star rating before
Madaras after showing improved star ratings
4.9 average star rating after

Case Study: Cafe Chic

Huge catering job won based on 5-star reviews & feedback.

This testimonial illustrates how much prospects rely on the word of others that leave reviews for a business. Prospects consider other reviewers as trusted references.

Case Study Details
26 new reviews over 12 months.
Chef Chic's review situation was just better then non-existent prior to utilizing ReviewLead. She gained 26 new reviews over a 12 month period. That may not sound like much but considering her industry, competition and new catering job (detailed above), this is a big win and worth the investment many times over.
Chef Chic logo
Chef Chic review summary

Case Study: Maloney Plastic Surgery

Over 100 New Reviews in the first year!
Case Study Details
107 New Reviews over 12 months
Maloney already had over 100 reviews but added another 107, an increase of 85%, over 12 months while maintaining their high star rating. Consistency is key and while they may have been pretty good to begin with there's always room for improvement.
ReviewPlan Client Logo for Maloney Plastic Surgery

Case Study: Kalil & Associates

From ZERO to 28 Reviews in 26 Weeks!
Case Study Details
28 New Reviews over 6 months
28 new reviews with an average star rating of 4.96! They had ZERO reviews before starting ReviewLead. How much more of an advantage do you think they have when potential clients are deciding who to do business with, compared to before?
ReviewPlan Kalil logo
Kalil ReviewPlan results

Case Study: Arizona Business Equipment

25 New Reviews
Case Study Details
25 New Reviews with an average 4.8 star rating
Arizona Business Equipment's reviews were non-existent prior to starting with ReviewLead. We helped them obtain 25 new reviews for an increase of 2500%.
ReviewPlan Client Logo ABE
ABE Review Results

Case Study: John Carson, DDS, PC

46 New Reviews in 30 Days!
Case Study Details
46 New Reviews in about one month
John and his staff didn't think this was going to work for their practice, but as you can see they received 46 new 5 star reviews in a very short period of time.
Carson DDS ReviewPlan logo
Carson DDS ReviewPlan results

89% of consumers read businesses' responses to reviews 1

1 All statistics on this page are referenced from the 2018 Local Consumer Review Survey provided by BrightLocal.

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